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Anonymous asked:

YO! I just wanted to let you know that you are a wonderful person. I apologize for the whole kissing/girl situation and it sounds like a sucky predicament to be in. Good luck with it!! Why must girls create so much stresssssss

It’s quite the situation. But damn, kissing girls though…. Or specifically her….

Personal life Post - My stupid problems that need to be discussed.

So, girls. Yep. Just leaving it at that.

But no, seriously. GIRLS. Or, GIRL really. I’m trying to push every feeling away from me and remain silent. But I don’t understand why I fall for the ones I’ll probably never have. It’s like… I find a pretty girl and out of nowhere I fall so hard for this girl. That usually never happens, it’s only happened once really. That was with my ex, Autumn. So I figured that something was there. It has to be. So I get shot down and I wait a couple months, and I made this list. A list of people who would kiss me. Well she signed it, and she told me she had to kiss me for a bet. I learned there was no bet and I lost my mind wondering why she kissed me willingly… Then last night, she took me out and we kissed, a couple times. I’ve never been so fucking nervous. I had that feeling in my stomach I get when I had my first kiss. BUT NOW, I can’t catch feelings again, but it’s a little too late because they never went away in the first place. Im dumb really. OH well. So the thing is, I know we would never date, I know to never get my hopes up for that. But I never want to stop kissing this girl and spending time with her… But if she told me that friends was what we are and we can’t do what we did ever again, I wouldn’t care. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but kissing her is like kissing a girl for the first time over and over. I just want to know what’s going on… Why does she keep kissing me… Am I good? Does she like me? Like WHAT.

Personal Life Post - Date Night

So I had a date night with this girl I like but I’m kinda of hiding obvious feelings because I know that it probably won’t happen but god damn she’s Just…. OH YES. Date night. We ate and went to see Sex Tape. She kissed me before the movie and left me hanging until the end of the night (which killed me). We drove around until we were tired as FUCK. So she took me home. Before I got out, we kissed, a couple times… I got super nervous and felt my leg start shaking, then she whispers about how fast my heart is beating. LIKE YES. IM DYING AT THE FACT THAT SOMEONE PRETTY IS KISSING ME AND DEAR GOD. Kissing her is the best thing ever and better than any other person I’ve ever dated. I just want more. :/

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